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ann & henry schenkel: better health for in you, on you, and around you
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Welcome! Are you looking for some "health insurance"? Are you excited about learning how to take better care of yourself? Shaklee will help with physical health, environmental health, and financial health if you are interested. Most of all, please have HOPE that tomorrow will be brighter than today with a few simple changes. Have fun looking through the website!

ann's pictureHow are you feeling today? Do you wish you had more energy for everything you do in a day? Do you need a nap or wish you could take one? Do you realize your eating habits are poor? And yet you don't have the time to make the meals you know would feed your body much better than the food you ate today? "Where do I start," you ask? "The information I hear is so confusing!" I get it. I felt the same way.

And then there was Shaklee. I wasn't convinced about supplementation, until I started feeling better. Shaklee products gave me a simple place to start, and after a few months I started noticing a difference in my health.

But another change was coming. As a third grade teacher, I loved teaching, learning and growing with my third graders. I was not looking for another career before Shaklee came into my life. But the supplements changed my health in such a positive way that I could not help sharing them with others. After seeing the health of so many school children deteriorate, I realized that my work in sharing these wonderful products became vital.

Has your health been sliding downward rather than being built up? If so, please consider Shaklee's scientifically researched products. Would you like peace of mind when you give your family supplements? There indeed is a Shaklee Difference!

Do you have the freedom of time to spend with your family? Does your work match who you are and the beliefs that you hold dear? Does your work impact others in a meaningful way? 

6 years ago my husband Henry retired and now we have time to travel, time to volunteer, time to spend with kids,  grandkids and with others we love and care about. I also have time for my flexible Shaklee business. For over 20 years Shaklee has made our lives healthier and more comfortable.

Many people today are looking for a way to earn more money.  Shaklee offers a simple copiable system with free online education for those who want to learn and grow. . . along with personal suppport from me. And so...you are in business for yourself but not by yourself! Take time to browse through this website and get back to me if you have any questions.  Ann